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How long do whiplash injuries take to heal?

Recovery from whiplash injury is relatively quick, and most sufferers start to feel better after a week or two. Most sufferers of mild whiplash are able to go back to work after two weeks, but if you suffer severe whiplash, the recovery time could be longer.

If you suffer a serious whiplash injury, you may also suffer whiplash-associated injuries which may include: lower back pain, numbness in the shoulders and arms and ongoing headaches. If these symptoms persist, they can result in depression, irritability and anxiety, and you could suffer further financial problems if you are unable to return to work.

If you have suffered a severe whiplash-related injury which does not seem to be improving, you should visit your doctor, who may refer you to a specialist for a scan. This will show up any underlying injury, including fractures and bone damage which may have previously gone unnoticed. Whiplash will not show up on a scan but bone damage and fractures will, so always go back to your doctor if you feel that your whiplash injuries are not clearing up as quickly as they should. Even though minor whiplash injury will not show up on a scan, by asking you questions and carrying out an examination, a doctor should be able to diagnose whiplash injury quite quickly. If you are suffering more serious whiplash-related injuries, you could also be experiencing severe pain, and the correct treatment for your injuries will be administered by your GP, depending on the severity of the injury.

Psychological symptoms may also be present after a whiplash injury, particularly those which are related to your pain and suffering, including: insomnia and depression, and your doctor will be able to recommend help and treatment to help you get over the mental anguish of whiplash injury. If you suffer from late whiplash syndrome, symptoms may persist for over 6 months, although long term suffering with whiplash is not common and most injuries clear up in a matter of weeks. Once you have sought medical advice for your injuries, contact a personal injury solicitor who will be able to advise you about claiming compensation for your injury after an accident that was not your fault.


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